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AMR & AGV Solutions

Slow-movers with limited order lines and high variety of SKUs. We offer highly scalable solutions with a fast ROI (return on investment).

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Automated Storage Solutions

For over many decades we have provided automated storage solutions for a wide range of customers. Now, we aim to automate small- to medium sized projects in a highly standardised and modular approach, with simplexity as our North star.

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Conveying Solutions

We handle your internal transportation in both brownfield and greenfield environments. We partner with some of the world’s most efficient manufacturers specialising in the transportation of pallets, totes, crates and/or boxes. You name it!

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Full focus on retail E-commerce and optimising same-day delivery out of an existing or newly built facility, mainly existing in urban areas.


Our story of 113 years of experience

Having been part of the logistics and supply chain business for well over several decades, we have seen intralogistics throughout Europe evolve rapidly. With continuous investments in standardization of mechanical and electrical components and especially in software, the tendency to automate has become increasingly less of a “big step” for small and medium sized companies.


What We Deliver

We deliver scalable, economical, fast & modular solutions through integration of turn-key automated warehouses & distribution centers with strong partnerships leading to short implementation times and cost-efficient projects.

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Simplexity is an emerging theory that proposes a possible complementary relationship between complexity and simplicity. No need to reinvent the wheel, especially when relying on proven technology and strong partnerships.

My starting point for E’Log Automation was clear: how to integrate – in the most standardised way possible – existing and innovative technologies that are sufficiently modular for small and medium-sized projects. All of this coupled with the right software and a very professional after-sales service. E’Log Automation embodies all this.


Sacha Van Droogenbroeck

CEO & Co-Founder

Filling the pipeline is the easier part, defining project content and developing a solution are challenges which require both analytical skills and experience. These aspects are the key metrics for business development. At E’Log Automation, I will handle this area in order to guarantee customer success.


Patrick Hennebert

Co-Founder, Business Development

Project Execution is fundamentally about trust. Of course, you must deal professionally with all contractual and legal obligations and safety must be paramount in everything. But on top of that, your word is your bond, both in your relationship with the customer and with your suppliers and colleagues.


Marc Guns

Co-Founder, Operations Advisor

Customer service for us means blending our vast experience and open mindset with the processes, demands and needs of our customers, striving to exceed their expectations. But it is also knowing that reality begins where imagination ends. It means going all the way together and persevere. Failure is not an option!


Christof De Saedeleer & Wim Vermeulen

C&W Logistics

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