What We Deliver

We deliver scalable, economical, fast & modular solutions through integration of turn-key automated warehouses & distribution centers with strong partnerships leading to short implementation times and cost-efficient projects.

Additionally, customer service is a major focus point for us. Delivering on our promise with a no-nonsense approach. Our strong growing team, combining extensive experience and hard work speaks for itself.

Retrofits, modifications and upgrades are no challenge for us!

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AMR & AGV Solutions

  • Slow-movers with limited order lines and high variety of SKUs
  • Increased productivity and cost-efficient warehousing
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Automated Storage Solutions

Automatic storage on pallets, in totes, cartons, crates
in warehouses & DC’s

  • Pallet Shuttle systems
  • Tote/Carton Shuttle systems
  • Roaming Shuttle Technology
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Conveying Solutions

Automated transportation of pallets, totes, crates and boxes

  • Roller/chain/overhead/belt conveyors
  • Tote/pallet elevators
  • Lifts
  • AGV’s
  • AMR’s
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Full focus on E-commerce business and optimising same-day delivery out of existing facility or greenfield

  • Rapid picking and processing of orders
  • 10x faster than manual in-store picking
  • Configuration into footprints as small as 1,000 m2
  • Cold zone environment capabilities

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